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The Youth of Mistissini

Uschiniichisuu | ᐅᔑᓃᒋᓲ

The future leaders of our community

Youth of Mistissini

Youth are an integral part of Cree society, and represent our potential, and as well our future. They have the responsibility to accept the transfer of knowledge, tradition, and skills that will help to prepare to be the leaders of our community. For this reason, the Cree Nation of Mistissini plays an active role in helping them to achieve this in a way that allows them to prosper. 

"To facilitate the development of capability, leadership, and a joy of life in the Youth, in order to have a better future for the People and the Cree Nation."

Cree Nation Youth Council


Mentoring Future Leaders

Youth in our communities have their own council and membership to promote youth interests and needs


Our future workforce

Half of our workforce is under the age of 35 representing a tremendous potential to shape our community’s workforce


fostering growth and excellence

Our community aims to provide youth with diverse and positive experiences to help them reach their potential as individuals. 

Mistissini Youth Council

Since 1980's

For 35 years the Mistissini Youth Council has contributed to providing youth with the opportunity to have a voice that speaks for their interests and needs. All youth between the ages of 13-35 are part of the membership the Youth Council represents. 

The local youth council provides dozens of programs every year that support the health, wellness and development of our youth. In addition, they coordinate summer student employment that builds valuable work experience. 

Mistissini Youth Council

Programs and Services

The Role of the Youth Council

  • To promote, preserve, and protect the Cree identity, culture and heritage, including the language, values, customs, traditions, philosophy and beliefs, as well as the system of law;
  • To promote and strengthen the individual and collective health and unity of the Youth, and a mutually beneficial relationship between the Youth and members of the Cree Nation;
  • To identify, promote and strengthen the collective interests, rights and needs of the Youth;
  • To strengthen the effectiveness, credibility and accountability of the Local Youth Councils;
  • To implement programs specifically designed to develop and train Cree Youth to fulfill their potential as members and future leaders of the Cree Nation;
  • To assure the presence of the effective and accountable Youth representatives on the Cree organizations which have a major impact on the lives and development of the Cree Nation;
  • To hold the CNYC directly accountable to the Cree Youth for all it actions and commitments.

Summer Employment / Work Experience

Our youth department provides summer, part-time and student work experience programs to our membership.

Excursions and Land Access

Each year our youth department organizes the canoe brigade, journey of wellness and excursions that get our youth out on the land.

Recreation and Events

We host fitness challenges, inter-band games as well as numerous events throughout the year that promote active living, art and culture.

Education and Development

Our youth center hosts multiple opportunities for youth to learn new skills while also recognizing the achievements and development of our youth each year through our local Youth Achievement Awards.

Want to learn more about the Mistissini Youth Council?

Our Offices are open 9:00AM-5:00PM

And the Youth Centre is open until 9:00PM all week


Working Together to Support Youth

Mistissini works in partnership with local and regional entities and departments to provide programs and services to our youth. This combined efforts create, unique and valuable experiences for youth that call Mistissini home. 

Cree Nation Government

Offers multiple programs to support youth employment and development at a local level.

Cree School Board

Provides education and training opportunities for all youth in our community.

Community Development

Provides opportunities for economic development and employment that help our youth develop their job market skills and create new businesses.

Recreation department

The Cree Nation of Mistissini organizes hundreds of activities a year through our local Recreation Department. Learn more on their page about current events.
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"The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership”
Harvey Firestone

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Any resident of Mistissini between the ages of 13-35 is considered a member of the Youth Council. 

Justice Debassige is the currently elected youth chief of Mistissini. He was elected in 2019 and will end his term in 2023. 

Our office, due to COVID-19 Restrictions has adjusted hours. 

We are open from 11:30AM – 9:30PM to a maximum of 10 people at a time. 

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