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A Redesigned Website for our Community

  • A modern website design that is managed by the Cree Nation of Mistissini 
  • Mobile friendly and responsive for different devices 
  • Containing rich features like multimedia, calendars, job boards and more! 

Connecting you to our community!

We have created a couple of main areas of the site to tell the story of our community to all people that want to learn about Mistissini.

Learn about and keep informed about Chief and Council through our Legislative section

site features and policy

News and issues

We have created an area of the site to keep you informed on news and issues that are happening in our community. 

Social media integration

We have created tools that help you to share and access our social media accounts to keep you connected through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn 

Event Calendar

We have added a comprehensive event calendar that will hold meetings for community events, legislative meetings, and departmental activities. You can subscribe to hear when an event is happening. 


Analytics and cookies

We have created a site that tracks your user information, as well as how you arrive and interact with the site. You can request to have this data removed at anytime. 

Comments and feedback

We have enabled commenting on some posts to allow you to interact with our content. Please note, you are encouraged to read our community standards and guidelines

Information and updates

We will work hard as an administration to keep information up-to-date, however for the most current version of resolutions and legislation we encourage you to contact us.

Legal information

This site may contain information and resources intended for research and personal reference. Always use discretion when accessing information to ensure it is correct.

External links

This site provides access to external links outside of the Cree Nation of Mistissini’s control. We assume no responsibility for the functionality of these sites. 


The information provided is the property of the Cree Nation of Mistissini and its use for personal or research purposes is acceptable. We encourage you to contact us for any other intended purpose before directly using this content. 

Translation Ready

Upon request we can provide translated copies of the text within this website. At this time, it is not a multi-lingual site but is compatible with translators within your browser. 

Updating information

If you notice an error you are welcome to contact us to improve or revise the content. You can reach us at website@mistissini.ca. 

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