Welcome to the Cree Nation of Mistissini. Housed on the largest fresh water natural lake in Quebec, we are home to more than 4800 members of the Cree Nation of Mistissini. 

The newly designed website is intended to bring a new set of features for an increasingly online audience. With a mobile friendly, service oriented approach we are excited to serve our community in new ways.


We want our site to be a hub for information, services, programs and opportunities that promote our community. For this reason we have incorporated a number of useful features to help our membership including:

  1. Job Board for Mistissini employment opportunities
  2. Event Calendar with filtering for meetings, events and department activities
  3. Bulletin Board for all the latest news and issues within our community
  4. Contact Forms and Subscriber lists, so you can choose which news you want to receive
  5. Multimedia Libraries and Posts to give you a dynamic experience

Our Commitment to You

We will work as a team to keep the site information current while building new ways to explore our community and the opportunities that make it a great place to call home. We will honour and highlight our culture, history in a way that is inclusive. Most of all, we want this site to help our administration be transparent and open to the public, providing you with the information you need while keeping you informed about Mistissini.

See Something that is Missing?

Share your feedback on how we can improve the site. For simple content editing we can work to ensure that information is corrected as quick as possible. For missing features, we can incorporate them into a site plan that helps the website to grow over time.

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