Exploring Mistissini

our people, lake and community

Lake Mistassini is the largest fresh water lake in Quebec and a natural fresh water source. Many visitors are amazed at how clear it is. The majority of our community members fetch drinking water directly from the lake. The Lake is an important aspect of our lifestyle plus it provides ample opportunities for fishing and recreational activities.

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explore the culture and history of the people of mistissini

Hunting, gathering, fishing and trapping have been a part of Cree livelihood for generations. The people of Mistissini have lived amongst this great body of water since time immemorial. Discover a fascinating history that has shaped our culture for generations. 

A Unique Experience

Whether you are a person who enjoys camping, ecotourism, fishing or water sport Mistissini offers a complete experience. Come experience a diverse and beautiful location that has shaped our people since time immemorial.

Louis-Jolliet and Osprey Lodge

Albanel-Mistassini-and-Waconichi Lakes

Auberge Mistissini Lodge

Mistissini’s 4 star hotel with 20 rooms, offers a lakeview to all guests that stay at the hotel, as well as a cultural museum and the onsite Lakeview Restaurant. 

Mistissini from above

We have developed interactive story maps to help you explore our community. We have two formats that are available at this time for you to enjoy. We are a growing community with many great places to visit.

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