A. Policy

A-1. Introduction: The CNM is committed to improving the well being of our community, in all aspects. Recognizing and awarding the academic achievements of community members is a part of that commitment. The following sections outline who can apply for an award, the type of award, and the annual awards ceremony.

A-2. Criteria: In order to be considered for an award under the AAAIP, the applicant must:
(a) Be a member of the Cree Nation of Mistissini;

(b) Have completed and obtained a diploma from a Secondary School, Post- Secondary Institution, or Sabtuan Continuing Education Vocational Training Program;

(c) For Grade Point Average (GPA) awards, provide written consent for the CNM to review the applicants’ file through the applicant’s educational institution. GPA awards will be for VMS Secondary 5 graduates and Sabtuan graduates only;

(d) Provide all documentation, such as AAAIP Application Form, copies of diplomas, and statement of marks;

A-3. Awards Ceremony: On an annual basis, during the month of August, the CNM will organize and host an awards ceremony that all successful AAIP applicants and their guests will be invited to attend. This
ceremony will honor successful AAAIP applicants only.

A-4. Voyageur Memorial School (VMS) Awards: the CNM will participate in the annual grade six (6) graduation ceremony organized by VMS. CNM will designate, annually to VMS, an amount of funds for these ceremonies that VMS can administer.

A-5. Outstanding Achievement Award: the CNM will present an
outstanding achievement award to one successful AAAIP applicant annually at
the Awards Ceremony (A-3)

A-6. Professional Designation Awards: the CNM will consider awarding
individuals that have successfully obtained a professional designation. The
award amount will vary depending on the designation obtained.

A-7. Deadlines: (a) AAAIP applications must be completed and submitted no later than
July 15. (b) To be part of the annual “Awards Ceremony”, supporting documents mentioned in A-2(d) must also be submitted no later than July 15.

Contact Information.

Office of the Director General Cree Nation of Mistissini 187 Main Street Mistissini, QC G0W1C0

(418) 923-3461

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