Kwei Mistissini Ndooheenouch,

Pursuant to my Spring Hunt message, I am very pleased to learn of the safe practices abided by all camps, and to know of this year’s spring hunt was not as successful as in previous years but nevertheless, family time was essential. Mistissini ndooheenou cultural traditions and skills continue to be passed on to the future generation and this is the soul of what the spring season offers to our people.

As in past years, many young ndooheenouch had the opportunity to shoot their first goose. I am sure the mothers and grandmothers prepared the head of the first goose kill for your home décor. I congratulate their accomplishments and thank the parents for their support.

Unfortunately, our annual feast to honour the spring hunt and the achievement of the young ndooheenouch hunt this year cannot be held this year because of the pandemic. We have collected the names of the young ndooheenouch and will be providing them with certificates honouring their first goose kill.

The Coronavirus is still present and your actions to the cautionary directions recommended such as home isolation and social distancing are commendable and greatly appreciated. The Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay continues their leadership, hard and dedicated work to recommend ways and means to protect our homeland and communities. I have learned that one case of the virus occurred during the 2020 cultural break season but has recovered.

We are also grateful to the Cree School Board for taking cautionary measures for our post-secondary students’ safety and well-being during the crisis and doing a fine job indeed.

The Police and Fire Protection are equally to be commended for their services in ensuring the public protection was present at all times.

Your cooperation and support have been exceptionally helpful to the local government leadership during these critical times, and I thank each and every one of you.

Take care and God Bless you all.

Chief Thomas Neeposh

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